Office of Acquisition Operations
IT Advanced Planning Briefing to Industry (APBI)

What is an APBI?
--The APBI serves as an excellent venue for OAO and VA to connect with Industry, and vice versa.  Through informational presentations given by VA personnel of varied disciplines, each APBI focuses on the specialized needs of a particular VA customer.

Typical APBI Format:
Evening Networking Event –
Great opportunity for networking!
Presentations – Covering VA ‘Hot’ Topics and Upcoming

  Acquisition Opportunities
Breakout Sessions-
Allows vendors the opportunity to….

***NEWS!*** Upcoming APBI
When: June 16th 2015
Where: Monmouth University

Click Here for anticipated topics and speakers. Monitor FedBizOps for registration information and registration deadline.

...More to follow.....Check back often!

APBI Information

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