Department of Veterans Affairs

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The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) is a large and complex civilian Agency within the Federal Government providing care to Veterans and their dependents.  VA spends billions of dollars on goods and services across several organizations including  the Veterans Health Administration (VHA), Veterans Benefits Administration (VBA), National Cemeteries Administration (NCA), VA Central Office (VACO), and the Office of Information  and Technology (OIT) each responsible for logistics and asset management activities and functions specific to VA’s mission.  In support of these activities, and surge capabilities in response to the 4th Mission, VA requires an integrated and comprehensive supply chain, equipment, and facilities management capability.  


VA requires an Easy to Use, Integrated, Intelligent Supply Chain Modernization and Management solution that is cloud based.  The VA Supply Chain manages the flow of goods, services, and information between all stakeholders, including within the VA, external suppliers and service providers, and the ultimate customer – the Veteran. This includes but is not limited to Prosthetics, Pharmacy, IT, Medical Equipment and Supplies, Facilities, Burial and Benefit supplies as well as administration of the same. 


The goal of this effort is for the VA Supply Chain to be recognized as an industry leader in supply chain solutions through innovation and collaboration with federal and industry partners


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