Frequently Asked Questions
Can the submitter of an “idea’ expect an email reply that the initial submittal will not proceed to ‘Step 2”? And if the answer is no can you supply a reasonable amount of time to expect a decision on whether it will proceed or not? Vendors who submit concept papers will be notified in writing whether or not their submission will move to Phase II of the process.
Is it possible to remove a document once uploaded under the "My Proposals" section? Also, will I received a confirmation that my proposal was accepted and received on schedule?Thanks!Once a document is submitted it will not be deleted and the latest upload will be considered as submission. Please make sure any revised upload are stated in the description.
Is there any schedule maintenance on the VOA portal ( that would have the site down and inaccessible from Friday COB to Monday COB?Currently there is no scheduled maintenance throughout the proposal timeframe.
Is there a notification of receipt of a proposal after submittal? Once a proposal has been submitted users will see a list of their submitted proposals in their proposal dashboard.
I uploaded a proposal on Monday. Where did the "My Proposals" link go? The "My Proposals" module is offline since the T4 proposal submission period has ended.
What is the VOA Helpdesk contact information?For technical help with the site contact VA.Acquisition.Systems@va.govor call 1-877-634-3739
I am trying to register for the APBI event this june.when I go to APBI and click registration form, then fill out the form in a new HTML window, it brings up an email to with a bunch of field names filled out.I wanted to know if this was the proper way to register or is there another way or place to do it?That is the correct way to fill out the registration form.
I do not see "innovation dashboard" in the navigation pane. How can I view the status of my proposal without "innovation dashboard"?Under VAi2 in the left side navigation is "New Innovation". Once you click on that you will see a listing of previously submitted innovations and the status.
Is there a maximum file size for online submissions? Not page numbers, physical memor size of the uploaded file, ie 6 megabytes. Sometimes graphics are a memory hog.There are multiple file size restrictions for uploads throughout the VOA. They vary from 25 to 100 megabytes.
Reference Link to VA Technical Reference Model (TRM)
how can i receive automatic updates from the VA site?For the Virtual Office of Acquisition there is not an auto update feature.
If a user is requesting access to view contract information how do you grant this permission? Users wanting to view contract information should contact the Contracting Officer or Specialist listed in FBO.