The following documents are everything you need to learn more about PMAS
and to use it to help your IT organization achieve success in on-time project delivery.

Get to Know PMAS

Get to Know PMAS

Is PMAS right for your organization? This presentation explains why VA developed PMAS and offers an overview of the PMAS principles, with an emphasis on accountability.

PMAS at a Glance

A quick overview of PMAS: What it is, why VA created it, and information on how it can help your organization.

Principles of PMAS

A quick look at PMAS principles and processes including the PMAS lifecycle, milestone review and risk management processes, and the PMAS Dashboard.

Get Serious About PMAS

PMAS Directive

Signed by the VA CIO on February 20, 2012, the PMAS Directive mandates the use of PMAS throughout VA to develop and deliver IT capabilities.

Get Serious About PMAS

An in-depth explanation of the principles and processes that PMAS uses to ensure IT project management accountability and success.

FY13 PMAS Annual Report

The FY13 PMAS Annual Report provides the facts, figures, graphics, and analysis that tell the PMAS story for FY13.


PMAS Guide 5.0

The PMAS policy guide, providing in-depth information on how to establish, manage, and deliver a project under PMAS.

IPT Guide

The Integrated Project Team Guide provides guidance for the establishment, management, roles, and responsibilities of IPTs for all VA IT projects under PMAS.

PMAS Training Materials

These presentations will take you step-by-step through some of the basic elements of PMAS. Learn about the milestone reviews process, how to use the PMAS Guide, and more.